Keynotes & Invited Talks


Martin Schallbruch
Chief Information Officer at the Federal Ministry of the Interior (Germany)
Mikko Hypponen
Chief Research Officer of F-Secure (Finland)
Prof. Ravi Sandhu
Executive Director of the Institute for Cyber Security at the University of Texas at San Antonio (USA)
Cyber Security in Germany The Cyber Arms Race The Science, Engineering and Business of Cyber Security


Invited Talks

Jacob Appelbaum
Independent Security Analyst and The Tor Project
Vincenzo Iozzo
Director of Security Engineering, Trail of Bits (USA)
The New Threat Models From One Ivory Tower to Another: Wish Listing for Filling the Gaps in Information (In)Security


Felix ‘FX’ Lindner
Research Lead of Recurity Labs GmbH (Germany)
Dr Ivan Martinovic
Faculty Member, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford (UK)
Resistance is Not Futile – Fighting Nation-State Actors and the Borg Fasten Your Seatbelts – An Overview and Security Considerations of Next Generation Air Traffic Communication