Felix Lindner

Invited Talk by Felix ‘FX’ Lindner

Research Lead of Recurity Labs GmbH (Germany)

Title: Resistance is Not Futile – Fighting Nation-State Actors and the Borg

Time: Thursday, Nov 7th, 2013 at 11:30 am in Room B07-B08

Abstract: With every new (and largely unverifiable) disclosure of the extent and, admittedly, excellence of the global surveillance and data processing capabilities of Nation-State Actors (NSA), one might get the impression that these are the Borg, and resistance is futile. Although espionage is not new and as old as human history, the status quo indicates that the so-called “cyberspace” is becoming too controllable and fragile. Nerds have tremendously contributed in building the today’s Internet which mankind likes so much. If we consider the Internet as one of our global commons, just like the oceans and the atmosphere, it’s time to become digital environmentalists. This talk points out selected damaged sites on the map, old and new things in our arsenal, and some more or less well founded wisdom.

Bio: Felix ‘FX’ Lindner is the founder as well as the technical and research lead of Recurity Labs GmbH, a high-end security consulting and research team, specializing in code analysis and design of secure systems and protocols. Well known within the computer security community, he has presented his research for over a decade at conferences worldwide. Felix holds a title as German State-Certified Technical Assistant for Informatics and Information Technology as well as Certified Information Systems Security Professional, is highly specialized in digital attack technologies, but recently changed the direction of his research to defense, since the latter seems to be a lot less fun.