Martin Schallbruch

Opening Keynote by Martin Schallbruch

Chief Information Officer at the Federal Ministry of the Interior (Germany)

Title: Cyber Security in Germany – Providing Protection and Resilience and Ensuring Fairness in Cyberspace

Time: Tuesday, Nov 5th, 2013 at 9 am in Room C01

Abstract: Cyberspace is a common universal space based on the Internet as a globally accessible platform for communication, transmission and exchange. Providing protection and ensuring security and fairness for all those who use it is a global concern. Above all, it is necessary for the international community to develop a sense of commitment, solidarity and unity. Security is a key factor – both on- and offline. Germany pursues a civilian approach based on prevention to ensure benefits for society at large and supports the development of norms for state behaviour in cyberspace.

Bio: Martin Schallbruch is the Chief Information Officer of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior. He is responsible for the IT strategy and IT coordination within the Federal government. His office is, amongst others, managing the BundOnline e-government and coordinating the Deutschland-Online e-government strategy. Mr. Schallbruch’s responsibilities embrace the IT security policy of the Federal Government, and the supervision of the Federal Office for Information Security. He is also responsible for the passport and ID card service of the Federal government. He holds a M.Sc. in computer science (Technical University in Berlin) and was a research fellow at Humboldt University Berlin, before he was appointed head of the university IT service centre.