Berlin Congress Center (bcc)

The Conference takes place at the Berlin Congress Center (bcc) in the East center of Berlin – right next to Alexanderplatz (Alexander’s Square, commonly known as Alex) – a busy place with many shops and an intersection of many buses, s-bahns, trams, and underground lines (u-bahns).


The conference will be held in four rooms, the dome hall (C01) and rooms (B05 B06), (B07 B08) and B09. How to locate the rooms ?

Nearby: Television Tower

Berlin’s tallest landmark, the Fernsehturm (Television tower) is close to the square, making the Alexanderplatz an easy place to find from most of Berlin.

Public Transport

Public transport is cheap and gets you everywhere in Berlin. Either you use their website ( or you should get a hardcopy of a city map and a map of the local train system. You can get maps of the S-Bahn and U-Bahn, underground and metro buses network at many BVG shops for free, and city maps are available for a few euros.