Presentation Preparation Instructions
for Regular Paper Authors

ACM CCS 2021, November 15-19

Video Submission Deadline

Instructions for Presentation Video Preparation

Regular papers

  1. Regular paper presenters need to prepare two different kinds of pre-recorded videos (Full Presentation / Short Presentation) for their talks.
    • Full Presentation (Video): Up to 20 minutes. This full presentation will be available to watch in the virtual platform during the conference date.
    • Short Presentation (Video): Up to 2 minutes. This short presentation will be played at the beginning of your live session. Assigned live session for each topic and paper will be announced by the PC chairs.
  2. Both short and full videos can be prepared using the video preparation guideline from Sheridan (Creating a Pre-recorded Presentation Video for CCS 2021).
  3. If you would like to use a background image, please download this ACM CCS 2021 image.
  4. Make sure your two video files (i.e., full and short presentation videos) are submitted through this link. These two video files will be presented and played during the live session in the ACM CCS 2021 Virtual Platform. This submission is due by October 28, 2021.
    • File name for Full Presentation (Video): CCS21-fp12345_full.mp4
    • File name for Short Presentation (Video): CCS21-fp12345_short.mp4
  5. (Optional) If you also want to make your video available from ACM Digital Library, please follow the instruction from This submission is due by October 14, 2021.

Virtual session format during the Conference

  1. Each session will have five research papers.
  2. For each research paper, three files will be provided to attendees: (a) a paper, (b) a full presentation (20 min.) video, (c) a short presentation (2 min.) video.
  3. All short presentation (2 min) videos of those five will be played at the beginning of each session.
  4. After playing all the short videos, a Q&A session will be followed by session chairs.
  5. Attendees would be able to ask questions via Zoom Chat or Slack.