Presentation Preparation Instructions
for Poster/Demo Authors

ACM CCS 2021, November 15-19

PDF Submission Deadline for CCS 2021 Virtual Platform

Instructions for Presentation Preparation

  1. Poster/Demo presentation files in PDF format should be submitted and those files will be posted in CCS21 virtual platform during the conference date.
    • Presentation File (PPT) Form: A3 (297mm*420mm) - Download here
    • PPT file SHOULD be submitted to PDF file.
    • Recommend using the ACM CCS 2021 PPT template that includes watermark to prevent the unauthorized use.
  2. The presentation videos (optional) should be recorded by following the guidance from Sheridan (Creating a Pre-recorded Presentation Video for CCS 2021)
    • Poster/Demo Presentation (Video): Up to 10minutes. This presentation vod file will be updated with your PDF file. These files will be available to watch during the conference date on a virtual platform.
  3. If you would like to use a background image, please download this ACM CCS 2021 image.
  4. Make sure your two files (i.e., a PDF file and optional pre-recorded video file) are submitted through this link.
    • File name for Poster/Demo Presentation (PDF): CCS21posters-pXX.pdf
    • File name for (optional) Poster/Demo Video Presentation (MP4): CCS21posters-pXX.mp4
  5. During the Q&A sessions, at least one author from each poster/demo has to be online.

Virtual session format during the Conference

  1. We will have two live Q+A sessions for the posters and demos. Each session will have thirteen posters/demos. At least one authors from each poster/demo is required to be online during their session.
  2. For each poster/demo, two files will be provided to the attendees: (a) the pdf file, (b) a full presentation (upto 10 min.) video if the authors provided it.
  3. Attendees would be able to ask questions via Zoom Chat or Slack.
  4. In the Q&A session the Program Chair will monitor and moderate the questions and pass it on to the authors.

Point of Contact