ACM WiSec 2010

Student Travel Grants

The ACM Conference on Wireless Network Security (WiSec) would like to encourage graduate student participation in the conference by subsidizing the travel costs of individuals who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference.

Who Should Apply

Any graduate student in good standing, regardless of nationality, or any other criteria, except as noted, may apply. The decisions will be based as much as possible on both what the individual may get from the conference and may bring to the conference. ACM WiSec will cover student registration costs and subsidize travel costs. Each travel grant will include the registration of the conference plus up to 200 USD.

While any student may apply for this travel support, the selection process will give preference to ACM WiSec 2010 paper authors who are graduate students without sufficient travel funding. Awardees may not simultaneously draw on other sources of ACM funding for their travel or conference expenses.

How to Apply

Applications and supporting letters for a student travel grant should be emailed to the General Chair, Susanne Wetzel between February 1 and February 15, 2010. Applications submitted outside of the submission period are not guaranteed to be considered. Award announcement will be made on February 18, 2010.

An application should consist of a paragraph stating why attending ACM WiSec 2010 would be useful for his or her research. This paragraph should include (1) the type of paper (if any) she or he will present at ACM WiSec 2010, and (2) the applicant's school. We also need to receive a note from the student's advisor confirming that the student is a doctoral candidate in good standing.

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