ACM WiSec 2010

Accepted Papers

  • pBMDS: A Behavior-based Malware Detection System for Cellphone Devices, Liang Xie, Xinwen Zhang, Jean-Pierre Seifert and Sencun Zhu.

  • Preventing Multi-query Attack in Location-based Services, Nilothpal Talukder and Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed.

  • Attacks on Physical-layer Identification, Boris Danev, Heinrich Luecken, Srdjan Capkun and Karim El Defrawy.

  • Effectiveness of Distance-decreasing Attacks Against Impulse Radio Ranging, Manuel Flury, Marcin Poturalski, Panagiotis (Panos) Papadimitratos, Jean-Pierre Hubaux and Jean-Yves Le Boudec.

  • Low-Cost Untraceable Authentication Protocols for RFID, Yong Ki Lee, Lejla Batina, Dave Singeléand Ingrid Verbauwhede.

  • Mobile User Location-specific Encryption (MULE): Using Your Office as Your Password, Ahren Studer and Adrian Perrig.

  • A Secure and Scalable Identification for Hash-based RFID Systems Using Updatable Pre-computation, Yasunobu Nohara and Sozo Inoue.

  • honeyM: A Framework for Implementing Virtual Honeyclients for Mobile Devices, TJ OConnor and Ben Sangster.

  • Timing-based Localization of In-Band Wormhole Tunnels in MANETs, Jinsub Kim, Dan Sterne, Rommie Hardy, Roshan K. Thomas and Lang Tong.

  • RFID Survivability Quantification and Attack Modeling, Yanjun Zuo.

  • Subverting MIMO Wireless Systems by Jamming the Channel Estimation Procedure, Robert Miller and Wade Trappe.

  • Efficient Compromising Resilient Authentication Schemes for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks, Hao Chen.

  • On the Tradeoff between Trust and Privacy in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, Maxim Raya, Reza Shokri and Jean-Pierre Hubaux.

  • Automating the Injection of Believable Decoys to Detect Snooping, Brian Bowen, Vasileios P. Kemerlis, Pratap Prabhu, Angelos Keromytis and Sal Stolfo.

  • Zeroing-In on Network Metric Minima for Sink Location Determination, Zhenhua Liu and Wenyuan Xu.

  • Privacy-Preserving Computation of Benchmarks on Item-Level Data Using RFID, Florian Kerschbaum, Nina Oertel and Leonardo Weiss Ferreira Chaves.

  • On the Efficiency of Secure Beaconing in VANETs, Frank Kargl and Elmar Schoch.

  • Secret Keys from Entangled Sensor Motes: Implementation and Analysis, Matthias Wilhelm, Ivan Martinovic and Jens Schmitt.

  • Efficient Code Diversification for Network Reprogramming in Sensor Networks, Qijun Gu.

  • Secure Walking GPS: A Secure Localization and Key Distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks, Qi Mi, John Stankovic and Radu Stoleru.

  • On the Reliability of Wireless Fingerprinting using Clock Skews, Chrisil Arackaparambil, Sergey Bratus, Anna Shubina and David Kotz.

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