ACM WiSec 2010

Accepted Posters/Demos

  • Testbed Design For Facilitating Simultaneous WiMAX Experiments, Gautam Bhanage.

  • Regulating Pervasive Computing Applications in Ad hoc networks using Law Governed Interaction, Rishabh Dudheria, Naftaly Minsky and Wade Trappe.

  • Detecting Wormholes in Wireless Sensor Networks, Thanassis Giannetsos, Tassos Dimitriou and Neeli Prasad.

  • Enhancing unlinkability on IPv6 receiver address with distributed relay service, Takashi Minohara and Ryota Sato.

  • Secret Handshakes or Oh, It's You Again!, Kristin Buckley, Michael Engling and Susanne Wetzel.

  • Stealthy Compromise of Wireless Sensor Nodes with Power Analysis Attacks, Giacomo de Meulenaer and FranÁs-Xavier Standaert.

  • The Indiana Jones Attack: An Initial Evaluation of RSS Authentication, Bernhard Firner, Wade Trappe, Rich Howard and Yanyong Zhang.

  • An Effcient Security Framework for Mobile WiMAX, Mete Rodoper, Arati Baliga, Wade Trappe and Edward Jung.

  • appoint - A Distributed Privacy-Preserving iPhone Application, Daniel A., Mayer, Dominik Teubert, Susanne Wetzel, Ulrike Meyer and Georg Neugebauer.

  • Strongly Secure Pairing of Wireless Devices within Physical Proximity, Suhas Mathur, Wade Trappe and Alexander Varshavsky.

  • Mobile Ad-hoc Routing Security, Jared Cordasco, Werner Backes and Susanne Wetzel.

  • Rapid prototyping of a "Denial of Service Radio" using OCRP Kit, Prasanthi Maddala, Khanh Le, Peter Wolniansky and Ivan Seskar.

  • Discovering Wormhole Attacks in Delay Tolerant Networks via Forbidden Topology Structure Identification, Yanzhi Ren, Mooi Choo Chuah, Jie Yang and Yingying Chen.

  • Coping with Frequency-based Attacks to Secure Distributed Data Storage in Wireless Networks, Hongbo Liu, Hui Wang and Yingying Chen.

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