ACM WiSec 2013

Local Information

Conference Location

The venue of the 6th ACM Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks (WiSec '13) and the HotWiSec '13 workshop is the Marriott Courtyard Budapest City Center. You can find instructions on how to reach the venue here (the hotel is marked with a green "C" on the map).

The exact address is the following:
Marriott Courtyard Budapest City Center
Jozsef krt. 5
Budapest, H-1088 Hungary
Tel.: +36-1-327-5100
Fax.: +36-1-327-5100

If you want to stay in this hotel (recommended), then you can make reservations using this reservation link, or by directly contacting the hotel and mentioning group rate "lbulbua" or the "WiSec 2013 conference".

Reaching Budapest and the Conference Location

Budapest's international airport is the Liszt Ferenc Airport (BUD). It is reachable from major European cities directly and from the US via European hubs such as Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, or London.

From the airport, you can reach the conference location either by taxi or by public transportation:

  • Taxi: The official airport taxi company is Fotaxi. You can find their taxis in front of the arrival hall of the airport terminal. They operate with a fixed price of 5800 HUF/20 EUR/26 USD for a transfer from the airport to anywhere in the city center, inlcuding the WiSec 2013 conference location. Travel time is around 25-30 min (except rush hours). Note: Other taxi companies may approach you directly in the airport arrival hall; we do not recommend to use them. Also, always call a taxi on phone, and don't just jump in a taxi on the street, because they can charge you much more than you should pay. Trustworthy taxi companies include: Fotaxi (+36 1 222 2222), Taxi4 (+36 1 444 4444), Zona Taxi (+36 1 365 5555), and Taxi 6x6 (+36 1 666 6666).

  • Public transport: Less convenient but much cheaper is to use the public transportation system. From the airport, you should take bus 200E, and then metro lines 3 and 2. Here is a detailed itinerary designed by Google Maps. Travel time is around 1 hour. The whole trip costs around 700 HUF/2.3 EUR/3 USD, but you have to buy two tickets, one for the bus and one for the metro. Both tickets can be bought at the airport, ask for them at the information desk. If you plan to use the public transport system more often, then you can also by tickets in batch of 10 or 20 at a reduced price, or you can buy a daily ticket. Alternatively, you may consider buying a Budapest Card, which offers additional advantages.

About Hungary

Hungary is situated in the very heart of Europe. It joined the European Union in May 2004. The country has a size of ~36.000 sq mi (93.000 km2), which makes it similar in size to Indiana, South Korea or Portugal. It has a population of ~10 million inhabitants.

More information is available here: Wikipedia on Hungary

About Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, and has a population of 1.7 million inhabitants. It is one of Europe's most beautiful cities, being often called as "the pearl of the Danube".

The twin cities of Buda and Pest, divided by the Danube, united in 1873 to form the city of Budapest. The city's architecture is characterized by homogenous parts of different building periods, such as vestiges of the Roman occupation, the Romanesque and Gothic style of the prestigious Castle District, the rigor of the Habsburg Citadel, and the eclecticism of the turn-of-the-century buildings. It is truly a city where East meets West, and where people are historically familiar with both cultures, while their own culture and language remains unique.

More information is available here: Wikipedia on Budapest

Tourist information is available here: Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor,

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