ACM WiSec 2013

Conference Program

April 17, Wednesday

0800-0900   Registration
0900-0915   Welcome message
0915-1015   Keynote 1

Henning Schulzrinne

The Internet is Insecure and Will Likely Remain So - Now What?

60 minutes

1015-1045   Coffee Break
1045-1215   Session 1: Mobile Device and Application Security
Chair: Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi

Panagiotis Andriotis, Theo Tryfonas, George Oikonomou and Can Yildiz

A pilot study on the security of pattern screen-lock methods and ‘soft’ side channel attacks

20 minutes


Tim Stöber, Mario Frank, Ivan Martinovic and Jens Schmitt

Who do you sync you are? Smartphone Fingerprinting based on Application Behaviour

20 minutes


Saurabh Chakradeo, Brad Reaves, Patrick Traynor and William Enck

MAST: Triage for Market-scale Mobile Malware Analysis

30 minutes


Di Ma, Nitesh Saxena, Babins Shrestha, Yan Zhu and Haoyu Li

Tap-Wave-Rub: Lightweight Malware Prevention for Smartphones using Intuitive Human Gestures

20 minutes

1215-1340   Lunch
1340-1450   Session 2: Physical Layer Attacks and Defenses
Chair: Ivan Martinovic

Triet Vo-Huu, Erik-Oliver Blass and Guevara Noubir

Counter-Jamming using Mixed Mechanical and Software Interference Cancellation

30 minutes


Domenico Giustiniano, Vincent Lenders, Jens Schmitt, Michael Spuhler and Matthias Wilhelm

Detection of Reactive Jamming in DSSS-based Wireless Network

20 minutes


Shrikant Adhikarla, Min Suk Kang and Patrick Tague

Selfish Manipulation of Cooperative Cellular Communications via Channel Fabrication

20 minutes

1450-1550   Plenary talk

Ashkan Soltani

Mobile Threats to Privacy

60 minutes

1550-1620   Coffee Break
1620-1800   Session 3: Wireless Protocol Security
Chair: Ming Li

Rene Hummen, Jens Hiller, Hanno Wirtz, Martin Henze, Hossein Shafagh and Klaus Wehrle

6LowPAN Fragmentation Attacks and Mitigation Mechanisms

30 minutes


Attila Yavuz

ETA: Efficient and Tiny and Authentication for Heterogeneous Wireless Systems

20 minutes


Ethmane El Moustaine and Maryline Laurent

GPS+: A Back-end Coupons Identification for Low-cost RFID

20 minutes


Teng Wu and Guang Gong

The Weakness of Integrity Protection for LTE

30 minutes

1830-2030   Guided walk in the city
2030-   Conference dinner

April 18, Thursday

0800-0900   Registration
0900-1000   Keynote 2

Michael John

How do you define Security and Privacy for Smart Metering in Europe today?

60 minutes

1000-1030   Coffee Break
1030-1200   Session 4: Privacy in Wireless Systems
Chair: Marco Gruteser

Alejandro Proano and Loukas Lazos

Perfect Contextual Information Privacy in WSNs under Colluding Eavesdroppers

20 minutes


Benjamin Henne, Christian Szongott and Matthew Smith

SnapMe if you can: Privacy Threats of other Peoples' Geo-tagged Media and What We can do about it

30 minutes


Frank Kargl, Arik Friedman and Roksana Borelli

Differential Privacy in Intelligent Transportation Systems

20 minutes


Gokay Saldamli, Richard Chow, Hongxia Jin, Bart Knijnenburg and Onur Aciicmez

Private Proximity Testing with an Untrusted Server

20 minutes

1200-1330   Lunch
1330-1500   Session 5: Design and Testing of Secure Protocols
Chair: Levente Buttyan

Oscar Garcia-Morchon, Sye Loong Keoh, Sandeep Kumar, Pedro Moreno-Sanchez, Francisco Vidal-Meca and Jan-Henrik Ziegeldorf

Securing the IP-based Internet of Things with HIP and DTLS

20 minutes


Panagiotis Rizomiliotis and Stefanos Gritzalis

Revisiting Lightweight Authentication Protocols based on Hard Learning Problems

20 minutes


Rens W. van der Heijden, Stefan Dietzel and Frank Kargl

SeDyA: Secure Dynamic Aggregation in VANETs

30 minutes


Md. Endadul Hoque, Hyojeong Lee, Rahul Potharaju, Charles Killian and Cristina Nita-Rotaru

Adversarial Testing of Wireless Routing Implementations

20 minutes

1500-1530   Coffee Break
1530-1710   Session 6: Establishing Keys, Trust, and Identity
Chair: Frank Kargl

Christine Hennebert, Hicham Hossayni and Cedric Lauradoux

Entropy Harvesting from Physical Sensors

20 minutes


Lu Shi, Jiawei Yuan, Shucheng Yu and Ming Li

ASK-BAN: Authenticated Secret Key Extraction Utilizing Channel Characteristics for Body Area Networks

30 minutes


Yantian Hou, Ming Li and Joshua Guttman

Chorus: Scalable In-band Trust Initialization for Multiple Constrained Devices over the Insecure Wireless Channel

30 minutes


Marek Klonowski and Michal Koza

Countermeasures against Sybil Attacks in WSN based on Proofs-of-Work

20 minutes

April 19, Friday

0800-0900   Registration
0900-1030   Session 7: Energy and Distance Bounding
Chair: Mark Felegyhazi

Sheng Wei, Jong Hoon Ahnn and Miodrag Potkonjak

Energy Attacks and Defense Techniques for Wireless Systems

30 minutes


Marc Fischlin and Cristina Onete

Subtle Kinks in Distance-Bounding: an Analysis of Prominent Protocols

30 minutes


Jens Hermans, Cristina Onete and Roel Peeters

Efficient, Secure, Private Distance Bounding without Key Updates

30 minutes

1030-1100   Coffee Break
1100-1110   HotWiSec Workshop welcome message
1110-1210   HotWiSec Session 1: Attack Execution and Detection
Chair: Murtuza Jadliwala

James Brown, Ibrahim Ethem Bagci, Alex King, Utz Roedig

Defend Your Home! Jamming Unsolicited Messages in the Smart Home

20 minutes


Thanassis Giannetsos, Tassos Dimitriou

Spy-Sense: Spyware Tool for Executing Stealthy Exploits against Sensor Networks

20 minutes


Rodrigo Do Carmo, Matthias Hollick

DogoIDS: A Mobile and Active Intrusion Detection System for IEEE 802.11s Wireless Mesh Networks (invited paper)

20 minutes

1210-1340   Lunch
1340-1440   HotWiSec Session 2: Secure and Privacy-Preserving Communication
Chair: Levente Buttyan

Nikolaos Alexiou, Marcello Lagana, Stylianos Gisdakis, Mohammad Khodaei, Panagiotis Papadimitratos

VeSPA: Vehicular Security and Privacy-preserving Architecture

20 minutes


Jean-Marc Robert, Christophe Bidan

A proactive routing protocol for wireless ad hoc networks assuring some privacy (invited paper)

20 minutes


Chunqiang Hu, Fan Zhang, Xiuzhen Cheng, Xiaofeng Liao, Dechang Chen

Securing Communications Between External Users and Wireless Body Area Networks (invited paper)

20 minutes

1440-1520   HotWiSec Session 3: Authentication and Key Exchange
Chair: Murtuza Jadliwala

Rene Hummen, Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf, Hossein Shafagh, Shahid Raza, Klaus Wehrle

Towards Viable Certificate-based Authentication for the Internet of Things

20 minutes


Francesco Renna, Nicola Laurenti, Stefano Tomasin, Marco Baldi, Nicola Maturo, Marco Bianchi, Franco Chiaraluce, Matthieu Bloch

Low-power secret key agreement over OFDM

20 minutes

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