Posters and Demos

  1. MobileEMR (Poster)
  2. Pranav Jadhav and Radu Sion

  3. Deploying Trusted Hardware to Secure Urban Sensing (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  4. Ajay Venkateshan Krishnaprasad and Radu Sion

  5. A Shibboleth Service Provider for OGC Web Map Services (Demo)  Small-sized poster
  6. Andreas Matheus and Chris Higgins

  7. Outsourcing Durability (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  8. Peter Williams, Rimmi Devgan and Radu Sion

  9. A Little Storage Goes a Long Way: Accelerating Private Information Retrieval (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  10. Peter Williams, Radu Sion and Miroslava Sotakova

  11. cDB: SCPU-enabled Secure SQL Engine (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  12. Rajarshi Agnihotri and Radu Sion

  13. Secured VM Live Migration in Personal Cloud (Poster)
  14. Wei Wang, Xiaoxin Wu, Ben Lin, Kai Miao and Xiaoyan Dang

  15. DFITS: Data Flow Isolation Technology for Security-Security Software Development Environment (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  16. Ryotaro Hayashi, Fukutomo Nakanishi, Hiroyoshi Haruki, Yurie Fujimatsu and Mikio Hashimoto

  17. Privacy and Integrity Preserving Range Queries in Sensor Networks (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  18. Fei Chen and Alex Liu

  19. Detection of Botnets Using Combined Host- and Network-Level Information (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  20. Yuanyuan Zeng, Xin Hu and Kang G. Shin

  21. Prevent Identity Disclosure in Social Network Data Study (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  22. Kun Bai, Ying Liu and Peng Liu

  23. Non-Interactive Multi-Level Key Establishment Scheme for Hierarchical Electric Power Grids (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  24. Qiyan Wang, Himanshu Khurana and Klara Nahrstedt

  25. Secure Anonymous Database Search (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  26. Mariana Raykova, Binh Vo, Steven Bellovin and Tal Malkin

  27. A Fully Secure Unidirectional and Multi-use Proxy Re-encryption Scheme (Poster)
  28. Hongbing Wang and Zhenfu Cao

  29. Evading Disk Investigation and Forensics using a Cluster-Based Covert Channel (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  30. Hassan Khan, Mobin Javed, Fauzan Mirza and Syed Ali Khayam

  31. Ensuring Host Integrity With Cryptographic Provenance Verification (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  32. Deian Stefan, Chehai Wu, Danfeng Yao and Gang Xu

  33. An Anonymous Multicast Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  34. Somayeh Taheri and Dieter Hogrefe

  35. Alibi: A framework for identifying insider-based jamming attacks in multi-channel wireless networks (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  36. Hoang Nguyen, Thadpong Pongthawornkamol and Klara Nahrstedt

  37. Towards Automatic Security Scenario Generation (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  38. Abdulaziz Alkussayer and William H. Allen

  39. Have we Crossed the Line? The Growing Ethical Debate in Modern Computer Security Research (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  40. David Dittrich, Michael Bailey and Sven Dietrich

  41. Enhancing Database Access Control with XACML Policy (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  42. Sonia Jahid, Imranul Hoque, Hamed Okhravi and Carl Gunter

  43. Controlled natural language policies (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  44. Juri Luca De Coi, Peter Fankhauser, Tobias Kuhn, Wolfgang Nejdl and Daniel Olmedilla

  45. A Framework for Volatile Memory Forensics (Poster)
  46. Ellick Chan, Winston Wan, Amey Chaugule and Roy Campbell

  47. Secure network coding for a P2P system (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  48. Hun Jeong Kang, Aaram Yun, Eugene Y. Vasserman, Hyung Tae Lee, Jung Hee Cheon and Yongdae Kim

  49. The dollar cost of security (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  50. Yao Chen and Radu Sion

  51. NFTAPE Fault Injector for Win32 Applications (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  52. Sandeep Yenugula, Cuong Pham, Daniel Chen, Zbigniew T Kalbarczyk and Ravi K Iyer

  53. On the channel capacity of network flow watermarking (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  54. Amir Houmansadr, Todd Coleman, Negar Kiyavash and Nikita Borisov

  55. An Efficient Similarity-Based Approach for Optimal Mining of Role Hierarchy (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  56. Hassan Takabi and James Joshi

  57. Optimal Trajectory Partitioning for Enhanced Privacy and Utility in Continuous Location Based Services (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  58. Heechang Shin, Jaideep Vaidya, Vijay Atluri and Sungyong Choi

  59. Building Dynamic Remote Attestation Framework (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  60. Wenjuan Xu, Gail-joon ahn, hongxin hu, xinwen zhang and Jean-Pierre Seifert

  61. Leveraging Google SafeBrowsing to Characterize Web-based Attacks (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  62. Peter Likarish and Eunjin Jung

  63. Quantifying and Verifying Network Reachability (Poster)
  64. Amir Khakpour and Alex Liu

  65. iPass Framework to Create Secure and Usable Passwords (Demo)  Small-sized poster
  66. Dhananjay Kulkarni and Fredrick Sells

  67. The Phish Market Protocol: Securely Sharing Attack Data Between Competitors (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  68. Tal Moran and Tyler Moore

  69. Preventing SSL Traffic Analysis with Realistic Cover Traffic (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  70. Nabil Schear and Nikita Borisov

  71. SPROV 2.0: A Highly-Configurable Platform-Independent Library for Secure Provenance (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  72. Ragib Hasan, Radu Sion and Marianne Winslett

  73. The Creation of Shared Cryptographic Keys through Channel Impulse Response Estimation at 60 GHz (Demo)  Small-sized poster
  74. Michael Forman and Derek Young

  75. Security Analysis for Process Control Systems (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  76. Zong-Syun Lin, Alvaro Cardenas, Saurabh Amin, Hsinyi Tsai, Yu-Lun Huang and Shankar Sastry

  77. WebShield:A Proxy-Based Mechanism to Detect Malicious Web Page Interactively (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  78. Zhichun Li, Yi Tang, Yinzhi Cao, Yan Chen, Bin Liu and Vaibhav Rastogi

  79. NetShield : Towards High Performance Network-based Vulnerability Signature Matching (Poster)  Small-sized poster
  80. Zhichun Li, Gao Xia, Hongyu Gao, Yi Tang, Yan Chen and Bin Liu