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ACM CCS 2022

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2022 Conference Climate and Harassment Survey

All In is an open-source community whose mission is to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within the tech industry. As an attendee of ACM, we invite you to take the 2022 Conference Climate and Harassment Survey!

Microsoft Research, Google, and VMware have generously funded this survey to examine behaviors at computer science academic conferences that might create a non-inclusive environment in the research community. The purpose is to bring awareness to existing behaviors and provide data to shape education and other solutions, such as codes of conduct, to help create a more inclusive and safe environment.

This survey will take 20 minutes or less. Click here to take the survey!

Participants attending computer science academic conferences, from paper submission, through reviews and attendance, are welcome to participate in the survey. Whether you’re new to research or a long-time conference attendee, we want to hear from you!