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CCS Test-of-Time Award: Call for Nominations

SIGSAC CCS is pleased to open the call for nominations for Test-of-Time (ToT) paper awards from CCS’11 and 12. CCS ToT papers should report the research with long-lasting influence: that is, they should have had significant impacts on one or multiple subareas of systems security and privacy, through opening new research directions, proposing new technologies, making new discoveries helping better understanding of security risks, releasing new resources greatly facilitating research on an important security or privacy topic, etc.

All nominations will be evaluated by a ToT paper award committee before the winners can be determined. The winners will be honored at CCS 2022.

Please enter your nomination via the following form. The form requires giving reason(s) for nominations in less than 300 words.

The deadline for nominations is Sep. 3rd. Both multiple nominations by the same nominator and self-nominations are allowed. For any further information, please contact: XiaoFeng Wang

Best wishes,

XiaoFeng Wang on behalf of CCS ToT Award Committee

ToT committee members:

  • Ninghui Li
  • Carl Gunter
  • Zhenkai Liang
  • Christopher Kruegel
  • Thorsten Holz
  • Adrian Perrig
  • Catuscia Palamidessi
  • Elena Ferrari