ACM CCS 2020 - November 9-13, 2020

Pre-recording Sessions - October 16-24, 2020

This year you will attend CCS virtually. We all treasure the very important opportunities afforded by going to conferences, that of socializing and networking with your colleagues and friends. The move to the virtual format necessitated by the COVID-19 global pandemic, creates both challenges and opportunities in achieving this critical social function of conference going. CCS’20 adopts the as the one-stop platform for all attendees to participate in the conference, for the purpose of creating a similar experience of spontaneous interactions among attendees, critical to achieving the social function. This platform provides a 2D layout in which participants can navigate an avatar using the arrow keys. When a group of avatars are in close proximity, a video conference is started. Members of such a group can also share screen to, e.g., go over slides from the talks. Here is a short video demonstrating the experience prepared by Virtual Chair, the CCS’20 contracted service provider for setting up the space.

Basic Operations on Gather

  1. You will need to use either Chrome or Firefox in order to use Gather.
  2. Watch the demo video here:
  3. Below are a few key commands that can get you started:
    • To move, press the arrow keys or WASD. Move around to go to the next step.
    • Hold g to ghost, to go through a group of people without being seen or obstructed.
    • Use x to interact.
  4. You can change the interaction distance by clicking the button shown below:

Navigating the Virtual Conference Venue

  1. On the right panel of the screen, you can see participants, calendar, and the chats. The chat includes Room Chat, Global Chat, Local Chat, and individual chats.
  2. You can locate a particular participant and follow the provided route to find the participant.
  3. The hyperspace portal gives you access to the whole map view. If you step onto the hyberspace stage, you’ll enter the hyperspace where you can jump around different rooms.
  4. In plenary sessions, you can enter the zoom sessions by simply clicking on the zoom link provided:
  5. You can view the posters from far, or you can approach them or step onto the rug to engage with others. Press X to interact, and press X to return to the map view.