Accepted posters/demos

  1. POSTER: Towards Measuring Warning Readability.
  2. Marian Harbach, Sascha Fahl, Thomas Muders and Matthew Smith.

  3. POSTER: Context-Aware Web Security Threat Prevention.
  4. Lung-Hao Lee, Yen-Cheng Juan, Kuei-Ching Lee, Wei-Lin Tseng, Hsin-Hsi Chen and Yuen-Hsien Tseng.

  5. POSTER: Understanding New Anonymity Networks From a User’s Perspective.
  6. Erik Archambault and Craig Shue.

  7. DEMO: Demonstrating the Effectiveness of MOSESdroid for Separation of Execution Modes.
  8. Giovanni Russello, Mauro Conti, Bruno Crispo, Earlence Fernandes and Yury Zhauniarovich.

  9. POSTER: Protecting Access Privacy of Cached Contents in Information Centric Networks.
  10. Abedelaziz Mohaisen, Xinwen Zhang, Guoqiang Wang and Yongdae Kim.

  11. POSTER: Network-Based Intrusion Detection Systems Go Active!
  12. Eitan Menahem, Gabi Nakibly and Yuval Elovici.

  13. POSTER: Real-time continuous iris recognition for authentication using an eye tracker.
  14. Kenrick Mock and Bogdan Hoanca.

  15. DEMO: ReasONets: A Fuzzy-based approach for Reasoning on Network Incidents.
  16. Giuseppe Petracca, Anna Squicciarini, William Horne and Marco Casassa Mont.

  17. DEMO: How Privacy Leaks from Bluetooth Mouse.
  18. Xian Pan, Zhen Ling, Aniket Pingley, Wei Yu, Nan Zhang and Xinwen Fu.

  19. POSTER: Marlin - Making it harder to fish for gadgets.
  20. Aditi Gupta, Sam Kerr, Michael Kirkpatrick and Elisa Bertino.

  21. POSTER: Advanced Triple-Channel Botnets: Model and Implementation.
  22. Cui Xiang, Fang Binxing, Liao Peng and Liu Chaoge.

  23. DEMO: Demonstrating a Lightweight Data Provenance for Sensor Networks.
  24. Bilal Shebaro, Salmin Sultana, Shakthidhar Reddy Gopavaram and Elisa Bertino.

  25. POSTER: Location Privacy Leaking from Spectrum Utilization Information in Database-driven Cognitive Radio Network.
  26. Zhaoyu Gao, Haojin Zhu, Yao Liu, Muyuan Li and Zhenfu Cao.

  27. POSTER: Authenticated Secret Key Extraction using Channel Characteristics for Body Area Networks.
  28. Jiawei Yuan, Lu Shi, Shucheng Yu and Ming Li.

  29. POSTER: Privacy Preserving Boosting in the Cloud with Secure Half-Space Queries.
  30. Shumin Guo and Keke Chen.

  31. POSTER: Detecting Money-Stealing Apps in Alternative Android Markets.
  32. Chao Yang, Vinod Yegneswaran, Phil Porras and Guofei Gu.

  33. POSTER: Automatic Generation of Vaccines for Malware Immunization.
  34. Zhaoyan Xu, Jialong Zhang, Guofei Gu and Zhiqiang Lin.

  35. POSTER: A Covert Channel Construction in a Virtualized Environment.
  36. Jidong Xiao, Zhang Xu, Hai Huang and Haining Wang.

  37. POSTER: Robust Dynamic Remote Data Checking for Public Clouds.
  38. Bo Chen and Reza Curtmola.

  39. POSTER: Model-based Context Privacy For Personal Data Streams.
  40. Supriyo Chakraborty, Kasturi Rangan Raghavan, Mani Srivastava and Harris Teague.

  41. DEMO: Direct Queries over Encrypted Databases Practically.
  42. Dongxi Liu and Shenlu Wang.

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