Student Travel Grants

Last Update : [17 August, 2023]

ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ACM CCS) encourages students including undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the conference by providing a Conference Grant to cover the registration and travel cost. The selection process will give preference to students in need. Students from underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to apply

Student Travel Grant

Quick Overview:

30 September, 2023

Application Deadline
Please provide the listed information below into one PDF file, and complete the online form.

Submit your Application

To qualify for the application, please complete the fields required on the submission page and upload a PDF file combining the following:

  • Your up-to-date curriculum vita

  • A letter from you that includes

    • A brief summary of your research interests and accomplishments to date.

    • A description of areas reflected in CCS program that would impact your research

    • A description of why the conference attendance is important to you.

    • Information about ways that you will improve the diversity and inclusiveness of the conference.

  • A letter from your advisor/mentor that includes their view on (optional):

    • The suitability of the CCS program to your research area

    • Their current funding status and commitment to cover your remaining cost of the trip.

Submission site:


Issues Travel Grant Applications

Jun Xu
The University of Utah
Student Travel Grant Chair