ACM CCS 2017 Accepted Posters & Demo

The following posters and demo were accepted to be presented at ACM CCS 2017:

Accepted Posters

A Comprehensive Study of Forged Certificates in the Wild
Mingxin Cui, Zigang Cao, Gang Xiong and Junzheng Shi (Institute of Information Engineering, CAS)

A PU Learning-based System for Potential Malicious URL Detection
Ya-Lin Zhang (Nanjing University), Longfei Li (Ant Financial), Jun Zhou (Ant Financial), Xiaolong Li (Ant Financial), Zhi-Hua Zhou (Nanjing University), Yujing Liu (Ant Financial) and Yuanchao Zhang (Ant Financial)

A Unified Framework of Differentially Private Synthetic Data Release with Generative Adversarial Network
Pei-Hsuan Lu and Chia-Mu Yu (National Chung Hsing University)

AFL-based Fuzzing for Java with Kelinci
Rody Kersten, Kasper Luckow, and Corina Pasareanu (CMU)

An Empirical Measurement Study on Multi-tenant Deployment Issues of CDNs
Zixi Cai, Zigang Cao, Gang Xiong, Zhen Li and Wei Xia (Institute of Information Engineering, CAS)

BGPCoin: A Trustworthy Blockchain-based Resource Management Solution for BGP Security
Qianqian Xing, Wang Baosheng and Xiaofeng Wang (National University of Defense Tech)

Covert Channel Based on the Sequential Analysis in Android Systems
Jun-Won Ho, Kyungrok Won and Jee Sun Kim (Seoul Women's University)

Cyber Attack Prediction of Threats from Unconventional Resources (CAPTURE)
Ahmet Okutan, Gordon Werner, Katie McConky and S. Jay Yang (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Detection of CPS Program Anomalies by Enforcing Cyber-Physical Execution Semantics
Long Cheng, Ke Tian and Danfeng Yao (Virginia Tech)

Evaluating Reflective Deception as a Malware Mitigation Strategy
Thomas Shaw (University of Tulsa), Jim Arrowood (Haystack Security LLC), Michael Kvasnicka (University of Tulsa), Shay Taylor (University of Tulsa), Kyle Cook (University of Tulsa) and John Hale (University of Tulsa)

Finding Vulnerabilities in P4 Programs with Assertion-based Verification
Lucas M. Freire, Miguel C. Neves, Alberto E. Schaeffer-Filho and Marinho P. Barcellos (UFRGS)

Hidden in Plain Sight: A Filesystem for Data Integrity and Confidentiality
Anne Kohlbrenner (CMU), Frederico Araujo, Teryl Taylor and Marc Stoecklin (IBM T.J. Watson)

Improving Anonymity of Services Deployed over Tor by Changing Guard Selection
Abhishek Singh (University of Oslo)

Inaudible Voice Commands
Liwei Song and Prateek Mittal (Princeton University)

Intrusion Detection System for In-vehicle Networks Using Sensor Correlation and Integration
Huaxin Li, Li Zhao, Marcio Juliato, Shabbir Ahmed, Manoj Sastry and Liuyang Lily Yang (Intel Labs)

Is Active Electromagnetic Side-channel Attack Practical?
Satohiro Wakabayashi, Seita Maruyama, Tatsuya Mori, Shigeki Goto (Waseda University), Masahiro Kinugawa (National Institute of Technology, Sendai College) and Yu-Ichi Hayashi (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

Neural Network-based Graph Embedding for Malicious Accounts Detection
Ziqi Liu, Chaochao Chen, Jun Zhou, Xiaoling Li, Feng Xu, Tao Chen (Ant Financial), and Le Song (Georgia Tech)

PenJ1939: An Interactive Framework for Design and Dissemination of Exploits for Commercial Vehicles
Subhojeet Mukherjee, Jacob Walker, Indrajit Ray and Indrakshi Ray (Colorado State University)

Practical Fraud Transaction Prediction
Longfei Li, Jun Zhou, Xiaolong Li and Tao Chen (Ant Financial)

PriReMat: A Distributed Tool for Privacy Preserving Record Linking in Healthcare
Diptendu Kar, Ibrahim Lazrig, Indrajit Ray and Indrakshi Ray (Colorado State University)

Probing Tor Hidden Service with Dockers
Jonghyeon Park and Youngseok Lee (Chungnam National University)

Rethinking Fingerprint Identification on Smartphones
Seungyeon Kim, Hoyeon Lee and Taekyoung Kwon (Yonsei University)

Rust SGX SDK: Towards Memory Safety in Intel SGX Enclave
Yu Ding, Ran Duan, Long Li, Yueqiang Cheng, Yulong Zhang, Tanghui Chen, Tao Wei (Baidu X-Lab) and Huibo Wang (UT Dallas)

Adversarial Examples for Classifiers in High-Dimensional Network Data
Muhammad Ejaz Ahmed and Hyoungshick Kim (Sungkyunkwan University)

Semi-supervised Classification for Dynamic Android Malware Detection
Li Chen, Mingwei Zhang, Chih-Yuan Yang and Ravi Sahita (Intel Lab)

TitAnt: Active Detector for Implicit Fraudulent Transactions in Alipay
Shaosheng Cao, Xinxing Yang, Jun Zhou, Xiaolong Li, Kai Xiao, Yuan Qi (Ant Financial)

TOUCHFLOOD: A Novel Class of Attacks against Capacitive Touchscreens
Seita Maruyama, Satohiro Wakabayashi and Tatsuya Mori (Waseda University)

TouchTrack: How Unique Are Your Touch Gestures?
Rahat Masood (The University of New South Wales), Benjamin Zi Hao Zhao, Hassan Jameel Asghar and Mohamed Ali Kaafar (Data61 - CSIRO)

Towards Precise and Automated Verification of Security Protocols in Coq
Hernan Palombo, Hao Zheng and Jay Ligatti (University of South Florida)

Vulnerability Discovery with Function Representation Learning from Unlabeled Projects
Guanjun Lin, Jun Zhang, Wei Luo, Lei Pan (Deakin University) and Yang Xiang (Swinburne University)

Watch Out Your Smart Watch When Paired
Youngjoo Lee, Wonseok Yang and Taekyoung Kwon (Yonsei University)

Who Was Behind the Camera? Towards Some New Forensics
Jeff Yan (Lancaster University) and Aurélien Bourquard (MIT)

Why Are You Going That Way? Measuring Unnecessary Exposure of Network Traffic to Nation States
Jordan Holland and Max Schuchard (University of Tennessee)

X-Ray Your DNS
Amit Klein (Fraunhofer SIT), Vladimir Kravtsov (Fraunhofer SIT), Alon Perlmuter (Fraunhofer SIT), Haya Shulman (Fraunhofer SIT) and Michael Waidner (Fraunhofer SIT)

Accepted Demo

Akatosh: Automated Cyber Incident Verification and Impact Analysis
Jared Smith, Elliot Greenlee and Aaron Ferber (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)