PLAS '16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Workshop on Programming Languages and Analysis for Security

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SESSION: Invited Talk I

Flow: Abstract Interpretation of JavaScript for Type Checking and Beyond

SESSION: JavaScript

Static Detection of User-specified Security Vulnerabilities in Client-side JavaScript

SESSION: Information Flow

On Formalizing Information-Flow Control Libraries

Future-dependent Flow Policies with Prophetic Variables

In-Depth Enforcement of Dynamic Integrity Taint Analysis

SESSION: Program Analysis and Types

JSPChecker: Static Detection of Context-Sensitive Cross-Site Scripting Flaws in Legacy Web Applications

Short Paper: Rusty Types for Solid Safety

Short Paper: Bounding Information Leakage Using Implication Graph

Short Paper: Dynamic leakage: A Need for a New Quantitative Information Flow Measure

SESSION: Invited Talk II

Verified Secure Implementations for the HTTPS Ecosystem: Invited Talk

SESSION: Novel Applications

Formal Verification of Smart Contracts: Short Paper

Automatic Trigger Generation for Rule-based Smart Homes

Short Paper: Superhacks: Exploring and Preventing Vulnerabilities in Browser Binding Code