WPES '16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM on Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society

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SESSION: User Privacy

An Efficient and Robust Social Network De-anonymization Attack

Control versus Effort in Privacy Warnings for Webforms

On Profile Linkability despite Anonymity in Social Media Systems

Disguised Chromium Browser: Robust Browser, Flash and Canvas Fingerprinting Protection

Predicting Mobile App Privacy Preferences with Psychographics

SESSION: Security and Network Privacy

Generating Secret Keys from Biometric Body Impedance Measurements

That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles: Evaluating HTTPS Enforcing Mechanisms

Detecting Communities under Differential Privacy

Poisoning the Well: Exploring the Great Firewall's Poisoned DNS Responses

SESSION: Privacy Policies and Anonymous Credentials

CPPL: Compact Privacy Policy Language

Vote to Link: Recovering from Misbehaving Anonymous Users

Scalable Revocation Scheme for Anonymous Credentials Based on n-times Unlinkable Proofs

Automatic Assessment of Website Compliance to the European Cookie Law with CooLCheck

UnlimitID: Privacy-Preserving Federated Identity Management using Algebraic MACs

SESSION: Data privacy and Anonymous Communication

(The Futility of) Data Privacy in Content-Centric Networking

Elxa: Scalable Privacy-Preserving Plagiarism Detection

ABRA CADABRA: Magically Increasing Network Utilization in Tor by Avoiding Bottlenecks

TASP: Towards Anonymity Sets that Persist

PriFi: A Low-Latency and Tracking-Resistant Protocol for Local-Area Anonymous Communication

Privacy-Preserving Lawful Contact Chaining: [Preliminary Report]