WISCS '16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM on Workshop on Information Sharing and Collaborative Security

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SESSION: Session 1: Welcome and Keynote

Back to the Roots: Information Sharing Economics and What We Can Learn for Security

SESSION: Session 2: Models for Information Sharing

A Model for Secure and Mutually Beneficial Software Vulnerability Sharing

Shall We Collaborate?: A Model to Analyse the Benefits of Information Sharing

Collaborative Incident Handling Based on the Blackboard-Pattern

SESSION: Session 3: Tools for Information Sharing

Private Sharing of IOCs and Sightings

Managing Data Sharing in OpenStack Swift with Over-Encryption

MISP: The Design and Implementation of a Collaborative Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform

SESSION: Session 4: Real-World Studies

Privacy Risk in Cybersecurity Data Sharing

Data Quality Challenges and Future Research Directions in Threat Intelligence Sharing Practice

Measuring the Impact of Sharing Abuse Data with Web Hosting Providers