TrustED '16- Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Trustworthy Embedded Devices

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

SESSION: Trusted Device Internals

Analyzing Thousands of Firmware Images and a Few Physical Devices: What's Next?

Side-Channel Attacks on Fingerprint Matching Algorithms

SESSION: Trusted Physical Entities

Online Reliability Testing for PUF Key Derivation

Evaluation of Latch-based Physical Random Number Generator Implementation on 40 nm ASICs

On the Energy Cost of Channel Based Key Agreement

SESSION: Attacks on Secured Channels

Wireless Attacks on Automotive Remote Keyless Entry Systems

Security of CCTV and Video Surveillance Systems: Threats, Vulnerabilities, Attacks, and Mitigations

SESSION: IoT Security

IoT Security Challenges and Ways Forward

Looks Good To Me: Authentication for Augmented Reality