TIS '16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Workshop on Theory of Implementation Security

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SESSION: Session 1

Masking and MPC: When Crypto Theory Meets Crypto Practice

Domain-Oriented Masking: Compact Masked Hardware Implementations with Arbitrary Protection Order

SESSION: Session 2

Moments-Correlating DPA

Hiding Higher-Order Univariate Leakages by Shuffling Polynomial Masking Schemes: A More Efficient, Shuffled, and Higher-Order Masked AES S-box

Practical Results of ECC Side Channel Countermeasures on an ARM Cortex M3 Processor

SESSION: Session 3

Threshold Implementations in Industry: A Case Study on SHA-256

ParTI: Towards Combined Hardware Countermeasures against Side-Channeland Fault-Injection Attacks

SESSION: Session 4

On Non-uniformity in Threshold Sharings

Masking AES With d+1 Shares in Hardware