SafeConfig '16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Workshop on Automated Decision Making for Active Cyber Defense

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SESSION: Keynote Addresses

Configuring Software and Systems for Defense-in-Depth

From Cybersecurity to Collaborative Resiliency

SESSION: Architectures, configurations and verification

AHEAD: A New Architecture for Active Defense

A One-Year Perspective on Exposed In-memory Key-Value Stores

Towards Automated Verification of Active Cyber Defense Strategies on Software Defined Networks

SESSION: Prevention, Detection and Metrics

Firewalling Scenic Routes: Preventing Data Exfiltration via Political and Geographic Routing Policies

An Iterative and Toolchain-Based Approach to Automate Scanning and Mapping Computer Networks

A Graph-Based Impact Metric for Mitigating Lateral Movement Cyber Attacks

PANEL SESSION: Panel Session

SafeConfig'16: Testing and Evaluation for Active & Resilient Cyber Systems Panel Verification of Active and Resilient Systems: Practical or Utopian?