SPSM '16- Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Security and Privacy in Smartphones and Mobile Devices

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SESSION: Keynote Address

Hardware Isolation for Trusted Execution

SESSION: Studies and Analyses

Secure Containers in Android: The Samsung KNOX Case Study

White Rabbit in Mobile: Effect of Unsecured Clock Source in Smartphones

What You See Isn't Always What You Get: A Measurement Study of Usage Fraud on Android Apps

CRiOS: Toward Large-Scale iOS Application Analysis

SESSION: Privacy

SecuRank: Starving Permission-Hungry Apps Using Contextual Permission Analysis

Securing Recognizers for Rich Video Applications

On a (Per)Mission: Building Privacy Into the App Marketplace

Exploiting Phone Numbers and Cross-Application Features in Targeted Mobile Attacks

SESSION: Attacks and Defenses

Hardened Setup of Personalized Security Indicators to Counter Phishing Attacks in Mobile Banking

Picasso: Lightweight Device Class Fingerprinting for Web Clients

Detecting Misuse of Google Cloud Messaging in Android Badware

On the CCA (in)Security of MTProto

Analyzing TETRA Location Privacy and Network Availability