SPRO '16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Workshop on Software PROtection

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SESSION: Keynote Address

Intel Software Guard Extensions: Introduction and Open Research Challenges

SESSION: Research Paper Session 1: Vulnerabilities

Beyond the Attack Surface: Assessing Security Risk with Random Walks on Call Graphs

ROP Gadget Prevalence and Survival under Compiler-based Binary Diversification Schemes

SESSION: Research Paper Session 2: Obfuscation

Defeating MBA-based Obfuscation

VOT4CS: A Virtualization Obfuscation Tool for C#

Binary Permutation Polynomial Inversion and Application to Obfuscation Techniques

SESSION: Research Paper Session 3: White-box Crypto & Integrity

StIns4CS: A State Inspection Tool for C#

Reactive Attestation: Automatic Detection and Reaction to Software Tampering Attacks

Attacking White-Box AES Constructions


The ASPIRE Framework for Software Protection