MTD '16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Workshop on Moving Target Defense

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SESSION: Keynote Talk

A Cyber Mutation: Metrics, Techniques and Future Directions

SESSION: Paper Session: New Moving Target Defenses (I)

Have No PHEAR: Networks Without Identifiers

Towards Cost-Effective Moving Target Defense Against DDoS and Covert Channel Attacks

SDN based Scalable MTD solution in Cloud Network

SESSION: Paper Session: New Moving Target Defenses (II)

A Moving Target Defense Approach to Disrupting Stealthy Botnets

Multi-dimensional Host Identity Anonymization for Defeating Skilled Attackers

Mayflies: A Moving Target Defense Framework for Distributed Systems


Demo: A Symbolic N-Variant System

SESSION: Invited Industry Talk

Moving Target Defense: a Journey from Idea to Product

SESSION: Paper Session: Modeling and Evaluation of Moving Target Defenses

Markov Modeling of Moving Target Defense Games

Moving Target Defense against DDoS Attacks: An Empirical Game-Theoretic Analysis

Dependency Graph Analysis and Moving Target Defense Selection

Formal Approach for Resilient Reachability based on End-System Route Agility

Automated Effectiveness Evaluation of Moving Target Defenses: Metrics for Missions and Attacks