MIST '16- Proceedings of the 2016 International Workshop on Managing Insider Security Threats

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SESSION: Session 1: Access Control & Application Security

A Grey-Box Approach for Detecting Malicious User Interactions in Web Applications

Restricting Insider Access Through Efficient Implementation of Multi-Policy Access Control Systems

Towards Formal Analysis of Insider Threats for Auctions

SESSION: Session 2: Best Paper Session

Studying Naive Users and the Insider Threat with SimpleFlow

A New Take on Detecting Insider Threats: Exploring the Use of Hidden Markov Models

SESSION: Session 3: Cyber Attacks & Network Security

Cyber Deception: Virtual Networks to Defend Insider Reconnaissance

Pragmatic Security: Modelling IT Security Management Responsibilities for SME Archetypes

Ports Distribution Management for Privacy Protection inside Local Domain Name System

SESSION: Session 4: Short Papers Session

Function-Based Access Control (FBAC): From Access Control Matrix to Access Control Tensor

WatchIT: Who Watches Your IT Guy?

A New Risk Assessment Framework Using Graph Theory for Complex ICT Systems

Online and Offline Security Policy Assessment

A Tripwire Grammar for Insider Threat Detection

Discovering Insider Threats from Log Data with High-Performance Bioinformatics Tools

Analysis on Manipulation of the MAC Address and Consequent Security Threats