CPS-SPC '16- Proceedings of the 2nd ACM Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems Security and Privacy

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SESSION: Industrial Control Systems

Automatic Construction of Statechart-Based Anomaly Detection Models for Multi-Threaded SCADA via Spectral Analysis

Towards High-Interaction Virtual ICS Honeypots-in-a-Box

SENAMI: Selective Non-Invasive Active Monitoring for ICS Intrusion Detection

SESSION: Vehicular CPS

Secure Location Verification with a Mobile Receiver

Risk Assessment for Cooperative Automated Driving

Towards Safe and Secure Autonomous and Cooperative Vehicle Ecosystems

SESSION: Risk Assessment and Resilience

Evaluating Resilience of Gas Pipeline Systems Under Cyber-Physical Attacks: A Function-Based Methodology

A Case Study on Implementing False Data Injection Attacks Against Nonlinear State Estimation

Achieving ICS Resilience and Security through Granular Data Flow Management

SESSION: Insights from Testbeds and Games

HAMIDS: Hierarchical Monitoring Intrusion Detection System for Industrial Control Systems

SoftGrid: A Software-based Smart Grid Testbed for Evaluating Substation Cybersecurity Solutions

Exposing Transmitters in Mobile Multi-Agent Games