CCSW '16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM on Cloud Computing Security Workshop

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SESSION: Cloud Data Security

Data Analytics: Understanding Human Behavior based on Mobile Network Data

Co-location Resistant Strategy with Full Resources Optimization

SESSION: Secure Query Processing, and Web Applications

Executing Boolean Queries on an Encrypted Bitmap Index

Poly-Logarithmic Range Queries on Encrypted Data with Small Leakage

Encrypting Analytical Web Applications

SESSION: Secure Multitenancy & Cloud Attack Detection

Stratum Filtering: Cloud-based Detection of Attack Sources

Oblivious RAM as a Substrate for Cloud Storage -- The Leakage Challenge Ahead

Towards an Efficient Policy Evaluation Process in Multi-Tenancy Cloud Environments

SESSION: Secure Storage and Storage Efficiency

On Information Leakage in Deduplicated Storage Systems

Message-Locked Proofs of Retrievability with Secure Deduplication

Generic Efficient Dynamic Proofs of Retrievability

Assured Deletion in the Cloud: Requirements, Challenges and Future Directions