ALSec '16- Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Security

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SESSION: Session 1: Security Data Sets

SherLock vs Moriarty: A Smartphone Dataset for Cybersecurity Research

SESSION: Session 2: Machine Learning and Security in Practice

DeepDGA: Adversarially-Tuned Domain Generation and Detection

Tracked Without a Trace: Linking Sessions of Users by Unsupervised Learning of Patterns in Their DNS Traffic

Identifying Encrypted Malware Traffic with Contextual Flow Data

Causality-based Sensemaking of Network Traffic for Android Application Security

SESSION: Session 3: Foundations

Secure Kernel Machines against Evasion Attacks

Prescience: Probabilistic Guidance on the Retraining Conundrum for Malware Detection

Discriminative Models for Multi-instance Problems with Tree Structure

SESSION: Session 4: Privacy

True Friends Let You Down: Benchmarking Social Graph Anonymization Schemes

Change of Guard: The Next Generation of Social Graph De-anonymization Attacks

Differentially Private Online Active Learning with Applications to Anomaly Detection

A Dual Perturbation Approach for Differential Private ADMM-Based Distributed Empirical Risk Minimization