Tutorial 4

Date/Time: Wed Nov 11th, 1:30-3:00pm
Duration: 1.5 hours
Title: Securing Wireless Systems

Presenters: Dr. Panos Papadimitratos

Wireless devices are becoming pervasive and increasingly versatile. Untethered communication enables a multitude of applications closely knitted with the physical world, and the devices often are the network: anytime and anywhere communication, location-aware services, environmental monitoring, intelligent transportation, socially motivated information exchange. Wireless systems are, however, a double-edged sword: the nature of wireless communications and their applications create new vulnerabilities, and attacks against wireless systems can create new dangers for their users. This tutorial focuses on the unique characteristics and security requirements of wireless systems. It distills numerous recent results to cover building blocks and fundamental aspects of wireless system security. Moreover, it lays the ground for its systematic understanding, showing how to reason rigorously on the correctness of wireless security protocols, and it captures usability and performance issues.

Outline: The tutorial will cover the following topics: Intended Audience:

The potential audience includes researchers from academia and industry, including PhD and graduate students. Some background in wireless networking and knowledge of basic security principles would help participants to fully benefit from this tutorial.


Panos Papadimitratos is a scientist at EPFL, Switzerland, and he received his PhD from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. His research is concerned with security and wireless networks and systems; he has authored more than 65 technical publications on these topics. He is an Area Editor for ACM MC2R journal and he has served in several technical program committees, including ACM WiSec, ASIACCS, and MobiHoc, and IEEE INFOCOM.

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