ACM CCS 2009 Workshop Student Travel Support Application


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ACM member number:
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University Enrolled:
Degree pursued and number of years in the program:
When you expect to finish:
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Faculty advisor

Have you attended ACM CCS before?
Have you previously received an ACM CCS travel support?

ACM CCS workshop program participation
Are you an author of an accepted paper(s), [list the titles]?
If so, will you be presenting the paper(s) at the conference [list the titles]?
Have you published previously at CCS?

If you are attending a workshop:
Type of Support Requested (choose ONE of the following):

A. Workshop registration waiver (Yes/No)
B. A check of $560 to cover registration and transportation cost? (Yes/No)
c. I will be able to attend without this support.

Workshop Travel Award Evaluation Criteria

Selection criteria are as follows: