Travel Support Grants

ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ACM CCS) would like encourage graduate student participation in the conference by subsizing the travel costs of individuals who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference.

ACM CCS 2005 Travel Grant Recipients

Onur Aciicmez
Mudhakar Srivatsa
Vinod Ganapathy
Shai Rubin
Arvind Narayanan
Jiangtao Li
Susan Hohenberger
Zhenkai Liang
Oregon State University
Georgia Tech
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Texas at Austin
Purdue University
SUNY at Stony Brook

Who should apply

Any graduate student in good standing, regardless of nationality, or any other criteria, except as noted, may apply. The decisions will be based as much as possible on both what the individual may get from the conference and may bring to the conference. ACM CCS will cover student registration costs and subsidize travel costs. The total subsidy will be approximately $300-$400. There will be up to seven (7) awardees.

While anyone may apply for this travel support, the selection process will give preference to ACM CCS 2005 paper authors who are graduate students without sufficient travel funding. The awardees cannot receive support from any other source for the expenses funded by this program.

How to apply

Applications and supporting letters for a student travel grant should be emailed to Vijay Atluri (, as soon as possible, but no later than September 20, 2005. Award announcement will be made around October 5, 2005.

An application is a paragraph stating why attending ACM CCS 2005 would be useful for his or her research.

This paragraph should include: We also need a note from the student's advisor, indicating why the advisor believes the student would benefit from attending ACM CCS 2005 and confirming that the student is a doctoral candidate in good standing.

Please contact Vijay Atluri ( for any further information.

Travel Support Grant Committee

      Xiaolan Zhang, IBM Research
Committee Memebers:
     Vijay Atluri, Rutgers University
     Jonghyuk Choi, IBM Research
     Trent Jaeger, Pen State University