ACM WiSec 2011

Accepted Papers

  • Accelerometers and Randomness: Perfect Together, Jonathan Voris, Nitesh Saxena and Tzipora Halevi.

  • On the Robustness of IEEE802.11 Rate Adaptation Algorithms against Smart Jamming , Bishal Thapa, Guevara Noubir, Rajmohan Rajaramanand and Bo Sheng.

  • Address Space Randomization for Mobile Devices, Hristo Bojinov, Dan Boneh, Rich Cannings and Iliyan Malchev.

  • Interactive decryption of DECT phone calls, Patrick McHardy, Andreas Schuler and Erik Tews.

  • Inferring Users' Online Activities through Traffic Analysis, Fan Zhang, Wenbo He, Xue Liu and Patrick Bridges.

  • ES-TeV: Efficient and Secure Threshold-based Event Validation for VANETs, Hsu-Chun Hsiao, Ahren Studer, Rituik Dubey, Elaine Shi and Adrian Perrig

  • Epidemic data survivability in Unattended Wireless Sensor Networks, Roberto Di Pietro and Nino Vincenzo Verde.

  • Cryptographic Link Signatures for Spectrum Usage Authentication in Cognitive Radio, Xi Tan, Kapil Borle, Wenliang Du and Biao Chen.

  • Thwarting Inside Jamming Attacks on Wireless Broadcast Communications, Sisi Liu, Loukas Lazos and Marwan Krunz.

  • How Secret-sharing can Defeat Terrorist Fraud, Gildas Avoine, Cedric Lauradoux and Benjamin Martin.

  • Reactive Jamming in Wireless Networks: How Realistic is the Threat?, Matthias Wilhelm, Ivan Martinovic, Jens Schmitt and Vincent Lenders.

  • A Practical View of "Mixing" Identities in Vehicular Networks, Bisheng Liu, Jerry Chiang, Jason Haas and Yih-Chun Hu.

  • Security Evaluation of IEEE 802.11w Specification, Md Ahmad and Shashank Tadakamadla.

  • ACE: Authenticating the Channel Estimation Process in Wireless Communication Systems, Robert Miller and Wade Trappe.

  • Jamming-Resilient Multipath Routing Leveraging Availability-Based Correlation, Hossen Mustafa, Xin Zhang, Zhenhua Liu, Wenyuan Xu and Adrian Perrig.

  • PEPSI: Privacy Enhancing Participatory Sensing Infrastructure, Emiliano De Cristofaro and Claudio Soriente.

  • The NetSANI framework for analysis and fine-tuning of network trace sanitization, Phil Fazio, Keren Tan, Jihwang Yeo and David Kotz.

  • Lightweight Remote Attestation based on Physical Functions, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Steffen Schulz and Christian Wachsmann.

  • A new identity-based DH key-agreement protocol for wireless sensor networks based on the Arazi-Qi scheme, Isabelle Hang, Markus Ullmann and Christian Wieschebrink.

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