The CCS 30 Anniversary

On : [27 November, 2023 16:30]
At : Tivoli Congress Center

Time Flies!

    We are celebrating 30 years of CCS. The growth and vibrancy of the community is simply astounding to watch. We will have a special session to celebrate 30 years of CCS.

    One of the co-chairs, Ravi Sandu, from CCS-1 will present some memories from the vault. Then current CCS chair, Cas Cremers and Engin Kirda, will present the current state of CCS and some challenges we face.

    We will conclude by having a panel on challenges that we face and how should we address them.

    Come join with us! On: 27 November 2023, At: Tivoli Congress Center, 16:30 - 17:30.

 CCS in the past.

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