CCS'21 VIRTUAL Platform Guide (for Session Chairs)

ACM CCS 2021 - November 15-19, 2021

The following provides the virtual platform guidelines for session chairs. Before reading this, please be sure to read the virtual platform guideline for normal attendees.

1. Log in

  • ACM CCS 2021 Virtual Platform:
    Login Information: will be sent on Friday with passcode. If you have not received the password through the email, please check your spam folder. If you have not received any email, please email to

  • Find your session from “On-live and Past Sessions” menu to join the session.
  • Please join 10 minutes before the session begin.
  • There will be a waiting room for you and participants.

2. Menu Tabs

  • Set your name as “*Session Chair_YOUR NAME”.
  • Check whether speakers of the session are ready in the session room.
  • Local staffs will let speakers join first before the session.

3. Introduction

  • Briefly introduce your session to audiences.
  • Please tell audiences that (i) all questions from both Slack and Zoom chats will be collected by you and (ii) you will ask questions to the speaker.
  • 2 minutes videos will be played by the local staff after your introduction.

4. Q&A Session

  • Please let audiences know that Slack channels are always available during the conference. (Until November 26)
  • Please collect questions from the Slack channel and Zoom Chat.

5. Program - View Details

  • Recording: Sessions will be recorded by the local staffs to upload to the platform after each session.
  • Full 20 minutes Video: Available on the virtual platform for 2 weeks (November 15-26)
  • Slack Channel: Whoever missed to ask a question during the live sessions, Slack Channels are always open until November 26.