WPES '15- Proceedings of the 14th ACM Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society

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SESSION: Session 1: Web and Social Network Privacy

On the Privacy Practices of Just Plain Sites

Known Unknowns: An Analysis of Twitter Censorship in Turkey

Inferring Unknown Privacy Control Policies in a Social Networking System

SESSION: Session 2: Mobile and Location Privacy

On the Unicity of Smartphone Applications

Strengthening Authentication with Privacy-Preserving Location Verification of Mobile Phones

The Same-Origin Attack against Location Privacy

SESSION: Session 3: Communications Privacy I

Notions of Deniable Message Authentication

Sybil-Resistant Pseudonymization and Pseudonym Change without Trusted Third Parties

Rook: Using Video Games as a Low-Bandwidth Censorship Resistant Communication Platform

SESSION: Session 4: Communications Privacy II

Privately (and Unlinkably) Exchanging Messages Using a Public Bulletin Board

Towards Measuring Resilience in Anonymous Communication Networks

SESSION: Session 5: Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis

A High-Throughput Method to Detect Privacy-Sensitive Human Genomic Data

Privacy-preserving User Matching

UnLinked: Private Proximity-based Off-line OSN Interaction