WISCS '15- Proceedings of the 2nd ACM Workshop on Information Sharing and Collaborative Security

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SESSION: Keynote Address

Real World Information Exchange: Challenges and Insights

SESSION: Automated Intelligence Creation and Blacklists

Data Mining for Efficient Collaborative Information Discovery

Blacklist Ecosystem Analysis: Spanning Jan 2012 to Jun 2014

SESSION: Information Sharing Case Studies

ACTRA: A Case Study for Threat Information Sharing

Anonymity vs. Trust in Cyber-Security Collaboration

SESSION: Foundations and Economic Models for Information Sharing

Mandatory Security Information Sharing with Authorities: Implications on Investments in Internal Controls

From Cyber Security Information Sharing to Threat Management

SESSION: HCI and Actioning of Shared Data

UX Aspects of Threat Information Sharing Platforms: An Examination & Lessons Learned Using Personas

An Actionable Threat Intelligence system using a Publish-Subscribe communications model