TrustED '15- Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Trustworthy Embedded Devices

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SESSION: Session 1: Hardware Security 1

Hardware Security and its Adversaries

Characterizing Composite User-Device Touchscreen Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) for Mobile Device Authentication

On the Systematic Drift of Physically Unclonable Functions Due to Aging

Faster Leakage Detection and Exploitation

SESSION: Session 2: Hardware Security 2

Security-Aware Design Flow for 2.5D IC Technology

A Plea for Incremental Work in IoT Security

SESSION: Session 3: System Security 1

Leveraging Processor Performance Counters for Security and Performance

Content Protection in HTML5 TV Platforms: Towards Browser-agnostic DRM and Cloud UI Environments

SESSION: Session 4: System Security 2

An Overview of Automotive Cybersecurity: Challenges and Solution Approaches

XNPro: Low-Impact Hypervisor-Based Execution Prevention on ARM