SPSM '15- Proceedings of the 5th Annual ACM CCS Workshop on Security and Privacy in Smartphones and Mobile Devices

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SESSION: Keynote Address

The Past, Present and Future of Digital Privacy

SESSION: Application Isolation

Android Rooting: Methods, Detection, and Evasion

PrivacyGuard: A VPN-based Platform to Detect Information Leakage on Android Devices

NJAS: Sandboxing Unmodified Applications in non-rooted Devices Running stock Android

SESSION: Privacy

AutoPPG: Towards Automatic Generation of Privacy Policy for Android Applications

Supporting Privacy-Conscious App Update Decisions with User Reviews

The Impact of Timing on the Salience of Smartphone App Privacy Notices

SESSION: Android Framework

Context-Specific Access Control: Conforming Permissions With User Expectations

Understanding the Service Life Cycle of Android Apps: An Exploratory Study

Security Metrics for the Android Ecosystem