MTD '15- Proceedings of the Second ACM Workshop on Moving Target Defense

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From Fine Grained Code Diversity to JIT-ROP to Execute-Only Memory: The Cat and Mouse Game Between Attackers and Defenders Continues

SESSION: MTD Modeling and Evaluation I (regular papers)

A Quantitative Framework for Moving Target Defense Effectiveness Evaluation

A Theory of Cyber Attacks: A Step Towards Analyzing MTD Systems

Probabilistic Performance Analysis of Moving Target and Deception Reconnaissance Defenses

SESSION: MTD Technologies I (short papers)

Characterizing Network-Based Moving Target Defenses

The SDN Shuffle: Creating a Moving-Target Defense using Host-based Software-Defined Networking

VINE: A Cyber Emulation Environment for MTD Experimentation

Adaptive Just-In-Time Code Diversification


Getting Beyond Tit for Tat: Better Strategies for Moving Target Prototyping and Evaluation

SESSION: MTD Modeling and Evaluation II

Empirical Game-Theoretic Analysis for Moving Target Defense

Optimal Defense Policies for Partially Observable Spreading Processes on Bayesian Attack Graphs

SESSION: Doctoral Symposium

DHT Blind Rendezvous for Session Establishment in Network Layer Moving Target Defenses

To Be Proactive or Not: A Framework to Model Cyber Maneuvers for Critical Path Protection in MANETs

Software Protection with Code Mobility