MIST '15- Proceedings of the 7th ACM CCS International Workshop on Managing Insider Security Threats

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SESSION: Session 1: Regular Paper Session

Insider Threats: Identifying Anomalous Human Behaviour in Heterogeneous Systems Using Beneficial Intelligent Software (Ben-ware)

Detecting Insider Threat from Enterprise Social and Online Activity Data

Modelling Social-Technical Attacks with Timed Automata

Novel Insider Threat Techniques: Automation and Generation of Ad Hoc Digital Evidence

Mobile App Security Assessment with the MAVeriC Dynamic Analysis Module

SESSION: Session 2: Keynote Address

Detecting Insider Threats: Who Is Winning the Game?

SESSION: Session 3: Best Paper & Poster Session

Compliance Control: Managed Vulnerability Surface in Social-Technological Systems via Signaling Games

Secure Power Management Scheme for WSN

SKETURE: A Sketch-based Packet Analysis Tool

Towards Insider Threat Detection Using Psychophysiological Signals

A Preliminary Cyber Ontology for Insider Threats in the Financial Sector

PANEL SESSION: Session 4: Panel Discussion

Cyber Threats to Industrial Control Systems