CPS-SPC '15- Proceedings of the First ACM Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems-Security and/or PrivaCy

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SESSION: Miscellaneous

On Passive Data Link Layer Fingerprinting of Aircraft Transponders

Eliminating Inter-Domain Vulnerabilities in Cyber-Physical Systems: An Analysis Contracts Approach

The Impact of Social Engineering on Industrial Control System Security

SESSION: Control and Theoretical Foundations

Secure and Resilient Control Design for Cloud Enabled Networked Control Systems

Attack Mitigation in Adversarial Platooning Using Detection-Based Sliding Mode Control

Scheduling Intrusion Detection Systems in Resource-Bounded Cyber-Physical Systems

SESSION: Testbeds, Simulations, and Requirements

A Real-Time Testbed Environment for Cyber-Physical Security on the Power Grid

Secure RTOS Architecture for Building Automation

MiniCPS: A Toolkit for Security Research on CPS Networks

SESSION: Security Assurance and Assessment

Assurance Techniques for Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

A Field Study of Digital Forensics of Intrusions in the Electrical Power Grid