Workshop Student Travel Grants Dates

Requirements & Application Posting-- August 17

Application Deadline-- August 27

Notification-- September 6 Notifications have been sent out as of September 8th.

Soliciting a new round of applications-- September 8: We have funds left to support about 12 travel grants at $350 each for attending one of the following workshops: AISec, DIM, DRM, SafeConfig, SPIMACS, STC, and WIT. Please see the "How to Apply" section below for instructions.

Student Travel Grants for ACM CCS 2010 Workshops

A grant from the United States National Science Foundation provides about 30-40 travel grants to encourage students to attend the workshops at CCS.

Who Should Apply

Students who are currently studying in a US education institution and intend to attend one or more of the workshops may apply for the travel grant. The funding for the travel grants is provided by US National Science Foundation, hence the limitation of students in US education institutions.

How The Grant Works

Each travel grant will be in the form of reimbursements of expenses incurred to attend the workshop(s). The awardee will need to submit the receipts of expenses after the conference to get reimbursement. Instructions for do so will be handed out at the workshops. The following factors will be considered in giving the awards: (1) research relevance to the workshop; (2) seniority of the student in a graduate prgroam; (3) students from under-represented groups.

The following factors will be considered in giving the awards: (1) authors of workshop papers; (2) research relevance to the workshop; (3) students from under-represented groups.

How to Apply

Students should provide:

- Application for travel Support [CCS 2010 Workshops].
- Current CV.
- Letter of support from the student's advisor confirming that the student is in good standing and the level of monetary support necessary for the student to attend.
- A short statement of research from the student explaining the reason to attend the workshops.

Applications and supporting letters for a student travel grant should be emailed to the workshop co-chairs Ninghui Li ( and Ting Yu (, between September 9, 2010 and September 15, 2010, 11:59, EST. Late applications will be considered only when there is fund left.