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ACM CCS 2005

Call for Proposals
(Industry and Government Track)

[Submission Instructions]

The Industry and Government Track of the 12th ACM Computer and Communications Security Conference seeks new, innovative reports on the development and deployment of security products and systems in industry and government.

The track aims to foster tighter interplay between the demands of real-world security systems and the efforts of the research community. Audience members would like to learn about pressing security vulnerabilities and deficiencies in existing products and Internet-facing systems, and how these should motivate and shape research programs. Presentation of crisply framed, open technical problems and discussion of innovative solutions to real-world problems will be especially valuable. Also of interest are: Practical and broadly informative experience with the security aspects of large-scale systems, reports on the scope and content of sponsored research programs in information security, and government or commercial requirements for future systems. Technical characteristics of novel products may be of interest, but marketing pitches are verboten!

As one of the most influential conferences in the area, CCS affords industry and government the opportunity to gain the attention of a skillful and energetic community of researchers.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to)::

accounting and auditing
case studies
cryptographic protocols
database and system security
digital rights management
embedded systems security
experimental studies
failed-deployment lessons
information warfare
key management
large-scale deployments
privacy and anonymity
mobile-code security
security modelling
security verification
security insurance
access control
applied cryptography
cryptographic algorithms
data/system integrity
DoS detection and mitigation
enterprise security policy
intellectual-property protection
intrusion detection
physical security in computing
risk management
sensors and RFID
security issues in pervasive computing
security management
side-channel analysis
smart-cards and secure PDAs

For this track, we solicit panel and presentation proposals. Proposals accepted for the program will be made accessible prior to the conference. The track may include invited speakers, as space and interest permit. Submission format and other instructions will be made available at the conference website.

Presentation Proposals::

A presentation proposal should consist of either a set of slides or a position paper representing the essential matter proposed by the speaker. Detailed proposals or presentations are highly recommended, and will receive preferential treatment. Abstract-only submissions will not be evaluated. Proposals should identify expected speakers.

Panel Proposals::

A panel proposal should be no longer than three (3) pages in length. It should include possible panelists and an indication of which panelists have confirmed participation. Please visit for additional and up-to-date information on the CCS research track and information on workshops held in conjunction with CCS.

Important Dates::

Submission deadline: July 18, 2005
Decisions communicated: August 31, 2005

Program Committee::

Josh Benaloh (Microsoft Research)
Crispin Cowan (WireX)
Philippe Golle (PARC)
Jorge Guajardo (Infineon Technologies AG)
Helena Handschuh (Gemplus)
Trent Jaeger (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)
Ari Juels (RSA Laboratories), PC chair
Susan Landau (Sun Microsystems)
Carl Landwehr (National Science Foundation)
Arjen K. Lenstra (Lucent, Bell Labs and Technical University Eindhoven)
Philip MacKenzie (DoCoMo USA Labs)
Patrick McDaniel (Pennsylvania State University)
David Naccache (Gemplus Card International and Royal Holloway, University of London)
Benny Pinkas (HP Labs)
Subhabrata Sen (AT&T Research)
Adam Shostack (Informed Security)
Jessica Staddon (PARC)
Paul Syverson (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)