Workshop on Rapid Malcode (WORM)

Workshop Program


Friday October 29, 2004 at George Mason University


8:45AM-9:00AM Welcome and Introduction, Vern Paxson


9:00AM-10:30AM Session I, Chair: Stefan Savage


Invited talk: From AntiVirus to AntiWorm: A New Strategy for A New Threat Landscape

Carey Nachenberg, (Symantec Research Labs)


A Study of Mass-mailing Worms

Cynthia Wong, Stan Bielski, Jonathan M. McCune, and Chenxi Wang, (Carnegie Mellon University)


A Novel Email Virus Detection and Control Scheme

Jintao Xiong, (Universidad del Turabo)


10:30AM-11:00AM Break


11:00AM-12:30PM Session II, Chair: Angelos Keromytis


Synthetic Diversity to Break Monocultures

James Just and Mark Cornwell (Global InfoTek)


The Top Speed of Flash Worms

Stuart Staniford, David Moore, Vern Paxson and Nick Weaver (Nevis Networks, CAIDA/UCSD, ICSI)


A Behavioral Approach to Worm Detection

Dan Ellis, Jack Aiken, Kira Attwood and Scott Tenaglia (MITRE)


12:30PM-1:30PM Lunch


1:30PM-3:00PM Session III, Chair: Anup Ghosh


Invited Talk: Anti-worm efforts at Microsoft

Helen Wang (Microsoft Research)


Toward Understanding Distributed Blackhole Placement

Evan Cooke, Michael Bailey, Z. Morley Mao, David Watson, Farnam Jahanian and Danny McPherson (University of Michigan, Arbor Networks)


Preliminary Results Using Scale-Down to Explore Worm Dynamics

Nicholas Weaver, Ihab Hamadeh, George Kesidis, and Vern Paxson (ICSI and Pennsylvania State University)


3:00PM-3:30PM Break


3:30PM-5:00PM Session IV, Chair: Chenxi Wang


Invited talk: Minos: A Tool for Capturing and Analyzing Novel Worms for Unknown Vulnerabilities

Jedidiah R. Crandall (UC Davis)


A Hybrid Quarantine Defense

Phillip Porras, Linda Briesemeister, Keith Skinner, Karl Levitt, Jeff Rowe and Allen Ting (SRI International, UC Davis)



Frank Castaneda, Emre Can Sezer and Jun Xuy (IBM, North Carolina State University)


5:00PM-6:00PM Session V: Work in Progress, Chair: Helen Wang